Ed Nikles New Custom Home Offers Highest Energy Star Rating


Milford, PA Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. of Milford is now offering a new high performance home, a three bedroom, two bath ranch home in Dingman Township, with a Five Star Plus Energy Star rating (the highest possible). The home is 48% more energy efficient than code requires, has a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 52, and Nikles claims, it also saves its owners an estimated $2,517 dollars a year in gas and electric bills.

According to Peter Vargo, a Certified Rater and third party verifier who tested the home’s efficiency with a blower-door test, the new home is, out of over 200 houses that he’s tested, “…in the top ten of the blower-door tests that I’ve ever tested for a fiberglass insulated home.” To clarify, a blower-door test determines a home’s efficiency by replacing the entry door with a canvas door, hooking up a fan to a computer, putting negative pressure on the house and determining the home’s efficiency with special energy software.

After surpassing the standard required by Energy Star, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. has applied for the Builder’s Challenge Certification, administered by the Department of Energy, whose minimum threshold for energy efficiency must be 30% better than code.