Environmental Workshop for Real Estate Professionals


If you are a Real Estate professional, interested in understanding how to address environmental concerns related to the sale and development of real estate, then this workshop is for you! Northampton Community College, Pike County Conservation District, Wayne Conservation District, and Penn State Cooperative Extension will be sponsoring “Environmental Impacts to Local Real Estate” for real estate professionals on September 15th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at the PPL Environmental Learning Center in Hawley. This workshop is specifically geared toward the real estate professional and will provide information on septic systems, wetlands and floodplains as well as information on impacts of land development on water resources, protecting drinking water and planning initiatives that are ongoing in Pike and Wayne counties.

The real estate industry plays an important role in the development and management of the natural resources in our rapidly growing area.  Scenic waterfalls, pristine streams and rivers, local parks and recreational areas, and state parks and forests are cornerstones for real estate promotion in our area.  This workshop will assist real estate professionals in understanding the threats to these natural resources, the programs designed to protect them and their importance in supporting our quality of life.

These professionals are often the first to interact with new and second homeowners and land purchasers or developers coming into Pike and Wayne County from New York, New Jersey, and other metropolitan areas where more rural environmental management methods may be foreign.  These new residents are often confronted with issues of which they have no prior knowledge or experience, including various regulatory requirements, the need for effective septic system maintenance and well head protection, contributions they may be making to non-point source pollution and what they can do to reduce or eliminate water resource impacts.

With the information provided at this program, realtors can assist new residents by providing valuable information on some of these important issues making their transition to our rural area less daunting.  Northampton Community College will be offering Continuing Education Credits for $59 but the program is free. Please call to register at 570-251-9335 or 570-296-4042.