Soriano celebrates 25 years with Pocono Resorts Realty


Lake Harmony, PA – Mary Ann Soriano celebrates 25 years in the real estate industry with Pocono Resorts Realty.  Soriano is a full-time agent specializing in primary homeowners, second homeowners and investors.  Soriano resides in White Haven, PA with her husband of 37 years after vacationing as a child in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

“Mary Ann not only helps families find their dream homes and vacation hideaways, she is a real estate investor.  She believes in what she does with numerous real estate investments.  I love seeing someone believe so confidently in what they do to invest their money in the industry,” says Yarrow A. Wilkins, General Manager.  “In a time of ups and downs in the world of real estate, it is refreshing to see someone stick with it for 25 years,” adds Wilkins.

Soriano has received many awards over the years including Outstanding Realtor and Top Salesperson for the company.  Soriano has worked all 25 years with Pocono Resorts Realty.  Robert Ludgate, President of Pocono Resorts, describes Mary Ann as a “team player who always stops to help anyone in need.  She always puts the company first and is truly a great friend.”

Soriano confidently says she will continue for “many more years in the industry that I love and am thankful to be a part of the Pocono Resorts Realty family.”

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