Regional Business Woman Becomes Global Ambassador for Niche Market Finery


Stroudsburg, PA – Sometimes, things don’t happen exactly as we think they will.  Sometimes, things just happen.”

If you had asked Joann Cartiglia what she’d be doing ten years ago, chances are pretty good the answer wouldn’t have involved minute-sized chef hats or delicate Battenberg lace-themed tea sets.  But today, Cartiglia, owner of The Queen’s Treasures, sends out tens of thousands of shipments across America annually from her Stroudsburg-based operation.

Cartiglia had some false starts.  She will tell you herself that it practically all fell apart. “There was a time when I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.”  But then a fluke web search changed everything.  She started selling doll trunks—perfectly sized for American Girl dolls—on eBay and they were a hit!

“Lemons to lemonade—suddenly, I wanted to know more about how to sell more of these items.  We began selling the trunks at A.C. Moore, and I wanted to expand into clothes.” Cartiglia travelled to China to begin the laborious process of selecting factories to create the designs she was making exclusively for her line. With strict attention to safety and quality, Cartiglia found her niche. “And it’s fun, too!  I mean, I get to design cute clothes and furniture; who wouldn’t love that?”

What do parents love about The Queen’s Treasures?  Well, posts on social site Facebook indicate that price and quality are unmatched by Cartiglia’s competitors. “That’s our goal,” explained Cartiglia, “to provide a superior product at an affordable price, and it doesn’t hurt if it’s cute too!”

Poised to open in a new North Ninth Street location in Stroudsburg featuring both retail and warehouse space, The Queen’s Treasures will ship nearly 30,000 orders worldwide this year, and employ an additional 8 to 10 people from the Stroudsburg area in the coming years.  The company is taking over the former General Flooring location, next to M&T Bank.  “We are so excited to have all our operation in one location, and such a beautiful retail space,” Cartiglia said.

They are also expanding their product line to include innovative items geared to American Girl fans, including a doll-sized Tiki-themed smoothie stand and chef’s set as well as  many more new items.  Also featured is an expanded line of adult and children’s tea services.  “Tea has traditionally stayed in favor in Europe but Americans are only just coming back to this wonderful tradition.  We’re poised to offer products our customers want,” said Cartiglia.

Along with a plethora of pretty frocks and furnishings for American Girl-sized dolls, the shop features unique kitchen accessories, delightful scented candles, child-friendly baking sets and home décor items to please any age.

Cartiglia invites anyone to join in the celebration as a local business not only survives but thrives in trying economic times.  “Our grand opening celebration is May 27th, 2011, with a ribbon cutting at 4pm and lite bites to follow.  We would love to see our neighbors from the area out to see what we’ve created.  Dolls not required, but childlike enthusiasm greatly encouraged.”

The Queen’s Treasures is located at 914 N. Ninth Street in Stroudsburg, a half mile from the Stroud Mall.  To view more of the product line, please visit, or find the company on Facebook.

Joann Cartiglia is a well-known local business woman, also associated with the highly-successful Truly Tasteful brand.  She makes her home in the region and enjoys bringing prosperity to the Poconos through tiny treasures and tea sets.