Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm’s 2010 Summer Programming


Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm will open to the public for its Summer Tour season on Saturday June 19, 2010.  Tours are given daily until Labor Day, Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The farm is closed Mondays except for Labor Day.

Guides in period clothing recreate the life of the original Pennsylvania German farm family who lived here from the late 1760s to 1913. Watch ‘family’ members going about tasks typical on an 1800s farm. The original farm house has been preserved, including the cellar kitchen which was the family’s first home. Here visitors can see how meals are prepared in the open fireplace and what our ancestors used for lighting and every day utensils. In the ‘granddaddy cabin’ flax and wool produced on the farm is spun into yarn and then woven into cloth on a floor loom. In the original 1850s barn you can visit the animals and see demonstrations of farm equipment that would have been common at that time. By the 1890s the house had an addition added which included a Victorian parlor and a ‘new’ kitchen with a wood-burning cook stove. This was a big improvement for the housewife.

There are daily presentations of various traditional skills and crafts. This year the farm has over 30 special demonstrations called Summer Highlights that include everything from pottery to oak split basket making. Special events are scheduled throughout the summer like the Summer Garden Party on June 26 where folks can learn about gardening, growing everything from flowers to vegetables and historic gardening lore. Music in the Valley on July 10 will feature performances of traditional music and on July 11 music will be part of the tours, there will be an Ice Cream Social, Puppet Show and storytelling. The Civil War Encampment is held the weekend of July 17 & 18. Heritage Craft Day on August 7 will feature a variety of heritage craft demonstrators who will give visitors a hands-on experience and this year Quiet Valley will once again be the host site for the Pocono State Craft Festival held on August 28 and 29. There are no regular tours during the Pocono State Craft Festival. Summer camps and apprentice programs are available for children and youth who want to explore farm life, the outdoors and traditional folk crafts up close and personal.

Call (570) 992-6161 or visit www.quietvalley.org for more information.