The Dog Days of Spring – Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs


Article by Amber Stahl, Travel Writer

On my constant quest for dog friendly activities in the Poconos, I came across the Lehigh Valley Iron Pig’s “Dog Days” at the Coca-Cola Ballpark.  The weather forecast boasted the first weekend of temperatures over seventy degrees and I was craving all things outdoors.  So what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than surrounded by sunshine, stadium food, and dogs?!

I had never been to a minor league game before and was not sure what to expect.  In fact, I had only just found out that the Poconos has its own Triple-A team in affiliation with the Philadelphia Phillies, and was drawn to the home game theme days.  When I saw that there was a double header to support the SPCA, I leashed up my pup and jumped in the car destined for Allentown.

I immediately noted that the parking was easy and convenient, unlike parking in most big city stadiums, and there were friendly people guiding guests and giving out information.  At this point I could sense the excitement and I was finally starting to get anxious to see some baseball!  

We arrived at the gate and gave our $1 donation to the SPCA, granting our pup the right to enter.  Within minutes he had sniffed every dog in site and was wagging his tail in anticipation to meet the team’s mascot: a live mini-pig.  I snapped some pics of my favorite pups and we made our way to the lawn seating with the rest of the Dog Days crowd.  I never experienced lawn seating in a stadium before and I can honestly say even if I did not have my pup I might prefer to sit in that section!  

We enjoyed several innings before getting up to find the snacks.  I was impressed with how many food vendors lined the stadium perimeter–there were even a few outdoor bar seating options that offered a great view of the game.  I snagged a cold beer and an “Aw Shucks” roasted corn on the cob while my husband opted for a gyro and fries.  I saw some of the pups enjoying Dippin’ Dots and soft serve, and the little pig mascot had his own funnel cake!

Overall I will say that the Iron Pigs experience offered a big city game with a small town feel, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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Article & Photos by Amber Stahl, Travel Writer and Photographer.