Rising Leaders Continue to Develop


Shawnee, PA – Leadership Pocono’s Class of 2011 embarked on its fourth session held on Wednesday December 15th at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort as class members were educated in “The Media and Public Speaking”. Leading members of the community gave of their time and knowledge in this intensive training program.   Presenters included George Roberts of Blue Ridge Communications TV 13, Kathleen E. Kuck, President and CEO of Pocono Medical Center, Phyllis Gibson, Corporate Communication Specialist, Dr. Angelo Senese of East Stroudsburg University, Amy Leiser, Executive Director of the Monroe County Historical Society, and Members of Toastmasters, David Parker, Jeanette Arnone, and Scott MacLaren.

The day was packed with information, presentations, hands on projects, and public speaking exercises. The class learned presentation techniques, saw live demonstrations, learned how to prepare for interviews; handle the challenges of impromptu interviews, and how the media affects leadership. Additionally, the group learned about the history of Monroe County, as well as about key leaders and local events that have shaped the county.  In a memorable quote from Dr. Angelo Senese, the group was challenged and thought deeply about their role in the program; “If you want to be great at anything, you must be willing to give up being good.”

Leadership Pocono is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Pocono that was established in 1997.  Leadership Pocono provides the identification, development and empowerment of excellence in business, personal and community leadership.  A learning experience like no other, where those who shape our community tomorrow develop leadership skills from those who are doing it today.   Over 165 individuals have successfully completed this intensive program and are contributing to the communities they live and work in.

For more information, visit the Leadership Pocono website at www.LeadershipPocono.org.