ScotchBuilt Contracted for Two New Industrial Construction Projects


National firms Pepsi Corporation and R.E. Michel have selected ScotchBuilt to handle their Northeast Pennsylvania facility upgrade projects

Moscow, PA – ScotchBuilt, a Moscow, Pennsylvania based general contracting firm has been selected by Pepsi Corporation and R.E. Michel to complete renovation work on existing facilities owned by each of the respective organizations. The scale and scope of these projects is indicative of the industrial construction industry trend, given the current economy, to refurbish buildings already in use to optimize their functionality and energy efficiency in lieu of constructing new building sites.

ScotchBuilt’s Pepsi Corporation project involves widening bay areas to maximize the turn-around time and productivity when loading and unloading product shipments. The ultimate project goal is to utilize specific building renovation measures to enhance overall site operations with an ultimate benefit to revenue generation.

The R.E. Michel renovation project comprises a state-of-the-art facility upgrade to segregate warehouse and sales operations into two independent areas in the space. Additional construction is planned to establish a showroom floor within the facility to present the HVAC, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing equipment for which R.E. Michel is known.

Explains Paul Scotch, owner of ScotchBuilt; “Many companies begin their calendar year by focusing on increased efficiencies across the board in an organization. A strategic analysis of facility design and layout, particularly in the case of manufacturing and industrial sites, can provide insight into areas for operational improvement. A building renovation is an ideal way to provide maximum return with minimal expense.”
Although the winter months are historically a slow time for many in construction, companies such as ScotchBuilt often see an uptick in renovation project activity as many of these projects can be completed independent of weather restrictions.

Scotch continues, “There is a misconception that construction projects can only be completed in warmer months. Building renovations focused on layout and structural improvements can be conducted regardless of the cold weather limitations that prohibit other types of development during Northeast Pennsylvania winters.”
In the months ahead, ScotchBuilt will be focusing much of their efforts on working to secure additional clients committed to improving their facility sites through renovation based construction.

As summarized by Scotch, “Building renovation is a growth sector for our industry at the present time. It just makes simple, financial sense for a company to use and improve on what they have to increase their bottom line.”

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