ScotchBuilt partners with Star Building Systems in a commitment to ‘going green’


ScotchBuilt’s official status as a distributor of Star Building Systems insures cutting-edge sustainability in its Poconos region construction projects.

The long-standing distributor, installer, and erector relationship between Poconos regional construction firm ScotchBuilt and nationally recognized Star Building Systems has been enhanced by the firms’ joint commitment to green building and education initiatives. Projects built with Star Building’s state of the art products enjoy the environmental, health, economic, and community advantages the green-buildings provide.

“As one of few construction firms in the region operating as a preferred Star Building distributor, we are very pleased to bring the advantages these products offer to our market,” explains Paul Scotch, owner of ScotchBuilt. “Star Building Systems offers an extensive line of cool roof panels, insulated metal roofing, retrofit roofing, and cool color roofing – all of which contribute to greater energy efficiency and decreased environmental impact for the buildings we construct.”

Scotch continues, “There is also an intrinsic benefit to steel and metal-based construction due to its recyclability and durability. Steel and other metal framing products simply cannot be matched in terms of sustainability when compared to other products.”

As cited by both companies, using the Star Building Systems products will decrease operational costs of a project, increase overall energy savings, increase rental income potential, provide greater comfort for building occupants, and minimize environmental impact on not only the construction site, but the overall environment as well.

Additionally, by utilizing Star Building Systems vast network of approved manufacturing facilities, ScotchBuilt insures that materials used on their construction sites travel the minimal distance possible – in many cases under a 500-mile radius. This results in ScotchBuilt assuming an advocacy position among the Poconos construction community for reducing carbon emissions and enhances the overall sustainable impact of their construction projects.

“It is our responsibility as leaders in the construction industry to bring all of the environmental technology we have available to bear on each of clients’ projects,” sums up Scotch. “It is a great source of pride for me and my company that we are contributing positively to the future of our region by our commitment to environmental efforts.”

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