Small Business Backs Brown in 189th District House Race


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), which advocates on behalf of 15,000 small businesses in Pennsylvania, today endorsed Republican Rosemary Brown in her bid to unseat State Representative John Siptroth in the 189TH House District.

“Rosemary Brown is the clear choice for small businesses in Monroe and Pike counties,” said NFIB State Director Kevin Shivers. “She’s a forceful advocate for smaller government, lower taxes and fewer burdensome regulations on small businesses.”

Shivers noted that Rep. Siptroth scored a disappointing 25 percent on the NFIB Pennsylvania Voting Record, an analysis of the most important issues for small businesses that tracks every legislator’s vote.

“The plain truth is that John Siptroth voted against the interest of small businesses 75 percent of the time,” said Shivers. “We know that we’ll be able to count on Rosemary Brown on the tough issues.”

Siptroth’s record includes votes for higher taxes, intrusive new labor rules that would allow bosses to intimidate members into forming unions, legal changes that would encourage lawsuit abuse and expansive new regulations.

“He’s been hostile to small businesses and his policies have made Pennsylvania’s business climate one of the least competitive in the country,” said Shivers. “With tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians out of work, and with small businesses shuttering all over the state, we need an ally in the Legislature who understands that higher taxes, excessive regulations and unfair advantages for labor unions kill small businesses and discourages job creation.”

Pennsylvania imposes some of the highest taxes in the country and its regulatory system is among the costliest for small businesses. Those conditions have to change of the state is going to recover from the recession, according to Shivers.

“Small businesses provide more jobs for Pennsylvanians than any other segment of the economy and we need leaders in Harrisburg who will fight for their interests against the special interests,” said Shivers. “We’re very proud to support Rosemary Brown in this race and we are looking forward to working with her in the next legislative session.”   NFIB is the country’s largest association of small businesses with offices in every state. Its Voting Record is available at

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