The Wayne Independent


Wayne Businesses Conserve, a pilot program supporting and recognizing the energy conservation efforts of local businesses, is proud to introduce it’s latest participant: The Wayne Independent. Delivering news to Wayne County residents since 1878, the Wayne Independent is currently working to conserve energy and save money in their Honesdale office, located on 220 8th St. in Honesdale, PA.

Energy conservation is attractive to the Wayne Independent for several reasons, explains Publisher Michelle Hessling. Conservation is a simple, affordable and rewarding way to save their business money. It also has benefits for the planet, future generations and current generations. “If we each do something—our office, my household, your household and so on—together we make a big difference. “ explains Hessling.

At the 8th street office, the Wayne Independent has reduced overhead lighting capacity and set their computers to “sleep” after 15 minutes of inactivity. Many don’t know it, but turning off a desktop computer when it’s not in use produces an average savings of over 100 Watts and $100 a year… unplugging it can save even more. The Wayne Independent has also replaced incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and mechanical ballasts with electronic ballasts.

“We’ve been recycling since before recycling was cool!” says Hessling. Besides cans, cardboard, plastics, paper and glass, the Wayne Independent recycles their printer and toner cartridges and has been collecting and storing the electronic waste of all four offices in anticipation of an E-Waste Recycling drive.  One-sided paper is collected and used to print faxes. Newspaper returns are shredded and used by a local farmer for bedding. End rolls are sold to people who use them to line birdcages, for packing, table covers and art projects. Impressive right?

It gets better. The Wayne Independent recently acquired an electronic image setter, which allows them to build their daily newspaper on the computer. Instead of printing out layouts onto paper and then shooting them on the camera, they can print right to a negative. “The image setter has lowered our toner and paper costs,” says Hessling, “and helps us eliminate a lot of unnecessary waste!” Speaking of printing plates, the newspaper practices silver recovery, which earns them money and keeps silver-containing wastes out of the environment.

“What I’m most proud of,” says Hessling, “ is that everyone here is onboard. My staff is continually bringing in ideas about how we can ‘green’ our operations. It’s really a team effort.” In the future, the Wayne Independent is looking at replacing all of their desktop printers with one networked printer, which will help them save electricity, toner and paper. Looking forward, the Wayne Independent would like to investigate renewable energy options, however at the moment, costs are prohibitive. We can rest assured, however, that our local newspaper will continue to implement more energy saving practices into their daily routines.

Wayne Businesses Conserve! is a pilot program sponsored by SEEDS, Workforce Wayne and PPL Electric Utilities. Run throughout the summer of 2010 in Honesdale, PA, this program aims to recognize the energy conservation efforts of local businesses, share simple, affordable and economically sound conservation techniques and raise awareness about a sustainable energy future. Each WBC! participant has met established criteria in 6 different categories: energy conservation, renewable power, transportation, water conservation, purchasing & waste prevention and recycling & composting. Please contact WBC! with any questions at or visit for more information.

PHOTO CAPTION: The Wayne Independent Office in Honesdale, PA is a community model for energy conservation.