Trackside Station Grill and Bar Tracks Journey for Followers


East Stroudsburg, PA – Trackside Station Grill and Bar has made a commitment to share their progress with the public, utilizing social media in order to do so.

“We want the community to have a sense of how things are moving along. By providing a glimpse into construction progress, website development, and menu updates we can offer our followers a behind the scenes look at Trackside” explained Troy Nauman, owner. This behind the scenes look is documented right on their Facebook page. While this is an innovative route, Trackside Station Grill hopes it builds anticipation for the Grand Opening, expected in February.

Trackside Station Grill has also developed a blog that goes into detail about decisions made. The blog covers a range of topics from how the name “Trackside Station Grill and Bar” was selected to the variety of beverages that will be served. You are able to find the blog linked to Trackside’s website.

“Currently we are creating an interactive forum on our Facebook page for the community to make suggestions and even provide feedback on our progress. We are also offering gift card giveaways for customers to enter to win and treat their family to dinner,” said Troy.

In order to sign up for a chance to win a gift card to this new establishment as well as further updates on progress, visit or

Located in the heart of the Poconos, Trackside Station Grill & Bar offers a unique food and drink menu of Pennsylvania favorites. Trackside Station Grill prides itself on promoting East Stroudsburg’s railroad rich history in a family-fun and sports enthusiast atmosphere. The historical train station site turned restaurant is in a three-story complex, located at 50 Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg. Open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and 7 days a week for dinner, Trackside Station Grill & Bar is the perfect outing for families, tourists, and cheering on your favorite team. Visit for more information.