With Met-Ed, Penelec prices for 2011 known


Now that Met-Ed and Penelec have announced their “price to compare” for 2011, and with wholesale electricity prices lower than they have been in several years, now is a great time for business customers of those utilities to shop around for electricity supply.

PPL EnergyPlus is ready to help commercial, industrial and institutional customers of Met-Ed and Penelec understand the competitive market, manage their energy costs and access valuable energy services such as efficiency improvements, demand response and renewable energy.

PPL EnergyPlus offers customized pricing specific to the ways each customer uses energy. For most customers, PPL EnergyPlus can offer lower prices than the utilities’ price to compare for default service.

“The opportunities for businesses to save money on their energy costs by shopping for electricity supply are here, and they’re much clearer now that Met-Ed and Penelec have announced their default service prices,” said Gene Alessandrini, senior vice president of marketing for PPL EnergyPlus.

“We can offer prices customized to the ways businesses use energy, rather than a one-size-fits-all rate under the default service option offered by Met-Ed and Penelec,” he said. “Our knowledgeable team works with customers on solutions to meet their specific energy supply needs and builds a business relationship that’s sustained long after the contract is signed.”

PPL EnergyPlus is already the energy supplier of choice for many businesses in areas of Pennsylvania where electricity rate caps have expired. The rate caps for Met-Ed and Penelec expire Dec. 31.

“As businesses sort out offers they’ll be receiving from competitive suppliers, it’s important to understand the terms and know that the supplier is interested in having a solid business relationship for the long haul,” Alessandrini said.

“PPL EnergyPlus fits that description. We make clear and transparent proposals. We are part of a company that has been in the energy business in Pennsylvania for 90 years,” he said. “And we’ve built our competitive retail energy sales business on understanding the needs of customers and working with them for the long term to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.”

Businesses interested in getting a customized quote from a trusted supplier should contact a PPL EnergyPlus energy expert at 888-BUY-POWER (888-289-7693). More information about PPL EnergyPlus is available atwww.pplenergyplus.com/switch.

PPL EnergyPlus LLC is an unregulated subsidiary of PPL Corporation. PPL EnergyPlus is not the same company as PPL Electric Utilities. The prices of PPL EnergyPlus are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. You do not have to buy PPL EnergyPlus electricity or other products in order to receive the same quality regulated services from PPL Electric Utilities.