Pocono Health System March 2016 PRIDE Award Winner, Belinda Greene of East Stroudsburg, PA!


We are very pleased to announce Belinda Greene, from Pocono Health System’s Pocono Internal Medicine physician practice, has been named the Dedicated Employee of the Month for March, 2016.  Belinda was nominated for her compassion and dedication to a patient.  Below is an excerpt of the nomination submitted by a co-worker:

On January 28, 2016 a patient at the practice had an accident in the bathroom in the waiting area.  Once Belinda heard what happened, she went and asked if there was any way she could help (like she always does).  When our manager asked one of the other MAs to help clean the patient up, they said they couldn’t and Belinda was the only one that said ‘yes, I’ll go help clean the patient’ and again, with a smile on her face.  I was sitting at my desk and observed how she made the patient feel comfortable and care for.”

Pictured from left to right: William Cors, MD, Vice President, Chief Medical Officer; Elizabeth Wise, Chief Operating Officer & CNO; Heidi Signore, Practice Administrator, Primary Care; Belinda Greene, Medical Assistant, Pride Award Winner, Nancy Fisch, Practice Manager, PIMS;Lynn Lansdowne, Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer