Annette Atkinson Receives Monroe County Democratic Committee Endorsement


Middle Smithfield Township, PA – The campaign for Annette Atkinson, candidate in the Democratic primary for Middle Smithfield Supervisor, is pleased to announce an important endorsement.

According to Anne Tiracchia, Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party, Annette Atkinson received the Party’s endorsement at the recent Monroe County Democratic Committee meeting, Thursday, April 21, by a unanimous vote of the Committee.

Atkinson is well known locally for organizing community resistance to Supervisors’ efforts to open a strip club on property owned by Middle Smithfield Supervisor Robert Spano and known as well for her influential presence and participation at most public township meetings.  In addition to solid Democratic party credentials, she also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Long Island University, C.W. Post campus, and has decades of senior management experience in private sector business management and communications.

Annette Atkinson said: “I am delighted that our campaign has been singled out for this important endorsement from the Monroe County Democratic Party Committee. I pledge to reflect the high ideals held by the committee throughout the campaign and afterwards, voters willing, in our role as newly elected Middle Smithfield Township Supervisor.”

For more information contact Annette Atkinson at, 570-369-4627