Pike County Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Grand Opening of New Member











Photo – l-r   Simone Palmer, Aileen Sullivan, Life Coach Sandra McCaw, Ed Nikles, Sr., Philly Viscardo & Paul Brislin.

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated the Grand Opening of new member Life Coach Sandra McCaw.  Sandra has over 30 years of experience in relationship building, life-cycle changes, self-image enhancement as well as marriage and family problems.

Her background is in marriage & family therapy, advanced practice nursing-mental health, group dynamics as well as divorce mediation and dispute resolution.  She is now a convert to the coaching model and you will be working with Sandra as your personal coach in a nurturing, accepting environment that is completely confidential.  You will be accomplishing your own goals in the privacy of your own home; in tune with your own schedule.  You decide what you want to change to help your state of personal power and let Sandra help you make that change. Life Coach Sandra McCaw will empower you to reinforce positive thinking, eliminate the negative behaviors and allow you to move forward toward your goals.  To get more information or to make an appointment, please contact Sandra McCaw at973-902-8401swmccaw@verizon.net or www.swmmcaw.wix.com/lifecoach.