SuddenValues® Announces the Release of SuddenBlitz™


The original creator of the Deal of the Day service launches next generation offering.

SuddenValues, one of North America’s leading providers of local Internet marketing services, announced the launch of SuddenBlitz. This new Internet-based service facilitates a promotional event called a SuddenBlitz, which uses e-mail, social media and community grassroots marketing to promote a local merchant. The event is centered on a merchant’s unique and highly discounted offer (a minimum of 50% off) and is sold on one of the company’s 220-plus community portals to its 3 million SuddenValues subscribers. The community portal for Monroe County is

A SuddenBlitz can be launched at any interval (i.e. once per week, each day or multiple times during a single day) and include additional discounts on offers for parties that refer others via e-mail, Facebook and/or Twitter. The service comes as a replacement for the Company’s “Deal of the Day” service that launched in 2004. “Over the years a number of companies have copied and improved upon our ‘Deal of the Day’ service, but overuse of the name in the past year has reduced its value. We felt it was time to step up and create a next generation service,” states CEO Steve Klock.

SuddenBlitz is one of the many components that make up SuddenValues’ marketing service, but is also offered as a standalone service. The service uses a shared revenue model, providing merchants a risk-free trial of the SuddenValues service to get their feet wet with Internet marketing. Each offer is sold for a limited period of time or until a maximum number of available offers is reached. The company carefully plans each event with the merchant, using a redemption rate model to set the maximum number of offers for each SuddenBlitz. “We recognize each business has a different capacity for the number of offers it can absorb before realizing a return. Our goal is to build a lifelong SuddenValues customer so we’re willing to reduce our initial financial return by limiting the number of offers for sale,” states Klock.

After purchasing the offers, subscribers can immediately gift or print the offer and redeem it at a merchant’s location(s), allowing the service to provide instant results. These offers can then be tracked by the merchant using the SuddenBlitz redemption tracking tools, with a supporting mobile application due out later this year. Merchants that choose to upgrade to the standard and professional versions of the SuddenValues service receive the added benefit of being able to send an offer’s purchasers on-going email campaigns to encourage return activity. “These events create a great deal of awareness and allow a merchant to test their brand strength. However, the key to success is the ability to bring the subscriber back repeatedly. Follow up email campaigns are essential to that process”, notes  Poconos SuddenValues president Dan Boback.

About the Company
SuddenBlitz, along with the SuddenValues service, is sold and serviced by Dan Boback, listed above as the local contact. Boback is the company’s exclusive local Dealer for Monroe County. SuddenValues is a division of US, Inc. a privately held company headquartered in Wenatchee, Washington that was founded in 1998. SuddenValues and the related SuddenBlitz services are components of the company’s Sudden Service initiative to bring the efficiencies of the Internet to businesses that market themselves locally. More information about the company can be found online at Dan Boback can be reached at: 570-460-9557 or

*SuddenValues® is a registered trademark and SuddenBlitz™ is a trademark of US, Inc.