United Country – Legacy Auction & Realty Expands Marketing Services


Stroudsburg, PA – Richard Coccodrilli, Jr. and Susan Lang, partners have joined forces with Thomas R. Wilkins, Christine A. Wilkins and Thomas R. Wilkins, Jr. to create RedCap Legacy, LLC, referred to as the marketing arm of United Country—Legacy Auction & Realty, a full service auction and real estate company located in Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania.


“RedCap Legacy is the marketing company that will provide passion, technology and horse-power to move United Country—Legacy Auction and Realty to the fore-front of the Eastern PA auction companies.” said Rich Coccodrilli, Jr., Owner and auctioneer.  Coccodrilli further stated, “By bringing the incredible marketing, business experience and success that Tom Wilkins has created over the years and combining it with United Country—Legacy Auction’s experience, we have created an auction company that will be of great service to a wide array of persons, businesses and such in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.”


RedCap Legacy, a Limited Liability Corporation, officially began January 1, 2015.


Said Thomas R. Wilkins, co-owner in RedCap Legacy, LLC, “With us owning a premier real estate company and Rich and Susan owning a start-up auction company, it was a natural for us to combine forces and launch United Country—Legacy Auction & Realty from a local company to a regional auction company offering professional services online and onsite.”  Currently, there are few auctioneers in the Pocono or Northeast Pennsylvania region that provide auction services to sellers online.  In addition to that, the services that local auctioneers offer have been typically limited to real estate and consignment sales. Building on those to include firearms, quality personal and estate property, business liquidations, storage unit auctions as well as other innovative type auctions which are popular in other regions of the United States is what RedCap Legacy intends to do.  “To experience an auction online is truly an event that is exciting and the wave of the future.” said Wilkins.  “It’s hot.” echoed Coccodrilli.


The first project RedCap Legacy is working on is the auction sale of the Upattinas School, a private school in Chester County, PA. The school has five freestanding buildings with over 21,000 square feet of space, and a lot size of more than nine acres.  Auction to be held online and onsite and is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2015 (3-28-2015).


Over the next several weeks, RedCap Legacy with be marketing this unique opportunity for real estate property to buyers regionally as well as nationwide.


United Country—Legacy Auction & Realty has been in business for the past 5 years.  They’re primary office is located in Pocono Lake, PA and services all of Northeast Pennsylvania, parts of the Allentown area and as far west as Harrisburg on a regular and continuing basis.


To learn more about United Country—Legacy Auction & Realty, go to www.bidlegacy.com and certainly watch for the private school auction, as well as other online and onsite auctions being conducted.


Richard Coccodrilli, Jr., Co-Owner

RedCap Legacy, LLC

(570) 656-3299



Thomas R. Wilkins, Co-Owner

RedCap Legacy, LLC

(570) 466-4022