Carbondale Chamber 1st Annual March Marketing Event Vendor Information Package


When:  Wednesday, March 25th, 2015  –  2:00pm – 6:00pm

Where:  Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

              Admission:  Free for Business owners who are Greater Carbondale Chamber Members

$10 for Non-Members


Vendor Fees: $50 for Greater Carbondale Chamber Members  /  $100 for Non-Members

(Double Booths  –  $100 for Greater Carbondale Chamber Members  /  $150 for Non-Members


Our Goals:

–         To provide local small businesses the opportunity to learn more about marketing options from local media companies to promote their business.

–         To provide local media companies the opportunity to speak directly to business owners about the products and packages they have to offer.

–         The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce would like to make this an annual event to encourage small business owners to advertise and build awareness for their business as well as to give vendors the opportunity to stay connected with and build relationships with local businesses.


What We Ask from the Vendors:

This event is geared toward small businesses.  Many of these businesses are very budget conscious.  We ask that the vendors tailor their information and packages to take this into consideration.  Ideally, you should present information about your company, all products that you offer and affordable ways that you can work within the budget of a small business.  Focus on the benefits that advertising with your company will provide and the return on investment that one can expect.   Be sure to showcase any NEW technology related products that you offer in addition to your traditional products.  We also ask that you promote this event in-house through your media products as well as on your social media sites and website.

What You Can Expect from Us:

–         An 8×8 space with a table to set up your display booth

–        A 6 or 8-foot table to display your materials

–        Promotion of the event through the Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

–        2 hours to setup your booth prior to the event (All vendors should be completely ready to present to attendees by 1:45PM.  Breakdown may NOT be until 6:00PM.)

–        A list of all registered attendees following the event so you may follow up with them.

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 1st Annual March Marketing Event!

If you are interested, simply fill in your information on the 2nd page and send with your full payment to:

Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

27 North Main Street

Carbondale, PA 18407


Business Name:  ______________________________________________

Contact Name:  ______________________________________________

Phone Number:  ______________________________________________

E-Mail Address:  ______________________________________________

Greater Carbondale Chamber Member?            Yes / No  (please circle one)

Do you require electricity?    Yes / No  (please circle one)

Total Amount Enclosed:  _________________________


Thank you again for your participation!