Pocono Pediatrician Partners with Disney


East Stroudsburg, PA: Local physician turned entrepreneur and national speaker Donna L. Hamilton, MD
has a mission to help everyone live the healthy, satisfying lives they’re born to live.  In alignment with her 
mission, she is working with Disney Corporation to promote their new hit show Doc McStuffins. As season 
two of the toddler sensation premiers this fall, Disney will send a Doc McStuffins mobile health unit to ten 
major cities in the United States.

The mobile unit will be equipped with information and tools to teach children how to eat healthier, drink 
more water, and better navigate their own doctor office visits.  It will not provide medical care but rather 
focus on Dr. Hamilton’s passion: teaching what it really means to be healthy and providing information 
and resources for doing it.

Disney invited Artemis Medical Society members, of which Dr. Hamilton is a Vice-Chairperson, to greet 
children and their parents as they wait to enter the mobile unit.  She and her colleagues, donned in white 
coats adorned with Disney pins, will also participate in photo opportunities with the children and parents.

The national mobile unit tour begins in Philadelphia on Sunday, August 18 from 10 am-4pm at the 
Please Touch Museum.  Dr. Hamilton will also appear at the New York City event in Times Square  on 
September 21 and the Washington, DC event on September 17, 2013 McPherson Square.

Dr. Hamilton-a former board certified pediatrician-retired her white coat and stethoscope and now 
speaks nationally about holistically improving health. During her career as a community pediatrician she 
frequently saw non-physical factors like stress and relationships impact not only her patients’ health 
but also their caregivers.  Addressing these issues often was a major factor in her patients’ ability to 
achieve positive health outcomes. Prompted by her commitment to facilitate a paradigm shift towards 
wellness, Dr. Hamilton eventually retired clinical practice and began a non-clinical career in health 
and wellness promotion. Through her company Manifest Excellence, LLC she champions a holistic 
approach to health that addresses physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. She and her 
husband moved to the Poconos in 2005. Since then she has actively participated in many Northeast 
Pennsylvania community events.

For more information or to book Dr. Hamilton as a speaker visit http://www.ManifestExcellence.com