Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance Receives Grant for Distance Learning Network Start-up


With the generous support from The Foundation for Rural Service and the South Canaan Telephone Company, Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance (WPWA) has been able to purchase the technology necessary to begin the development of a distance learning network. WPWA knows that transportation is a key inhibitor for residents to access educational opportunities and is creating the network to facilitate the offering of both post-secondary and other training opportunities that may be streamed to their Hawley location.

Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance is the Community Education Council of Wayne and Pike Counties and is located at 92

Main Avenue, Hawley, behind the Sunoco. If you would like more information about the organization or would like to learn how you can help invest in a future of well-trained employees, visit www.wpworkforce.org or call 570-390-7613.

WPWA Polycom Press Release 10-23-15 picture
Pictured above: Eric Smith, General Manager, South Canaan Telephone Company and Cheryl Duquette, Director of Program Development, WPWA with the new Polycom System