What do Personal Development and Horses have in common?


In the modern world, people widely used the term ‘Personal Development’ in everyday life, but most of them don’t know the meaning of it. Personal development is actually about devoting time in yourself so that you face up any circumstances effectively, that this mortal life might bring upon you. Instead of waiting for the opportunities that might come in your way personal development helps to prepare yourself to go out there and just grab it. There is always a possibility that you might not be able to reach your objective, but it will make the path adventurous because you have put a lot of sweat to walk on that path. Personal Development is always about reaching the stage of SELF-SATISFACTION. Personal Development is a process just like the process of MEDIATION to your soul.

On this journey, we call life you may have a tendency to hold back because personal development can be uncomfortable. Let me just share, if you’re not uncomfortable at least once a day, you’re not growing or moving forward your just living or some refer to it as getting by.
There are many benefits of personal development, some of them are as follows-


Personal development helps you to envision your goal, and when that happens it feels great about taking every single step. Even if you believe that the task at hand is just not good enough, you can see the obvious pros then you feel motivated to take the necessary action. Working with a horse will make your will stronger, give you feedback and help develop emotional intelligence.


Personal development helps you to become more clear with what you want to achieve in your life. Then your ability of decision making becomes faster, and you can choose from things in a better manner. You become aware of the things that are not important in your life and that there is need to throw them away. Horses will help you move beyond your current situation or your past with learning to let go and lean forward.


Improving your domains of development also helps you to hone your skills significantly. Using personal growth tools, you can increase the areas of your expertise and become more dynamic in yourself. Working on you, in turn, helps you to be more recognizable in the professional community. Playing with horses builds confidence and courage with simple ground activities, and you’ll go farther, faster with less effort than every before.


It helps to keep track of the positive and adverse behavior makes you tackle them in a better way, i.e., preventing negative behavior and encouraging the positive ones. Personal Development increases self-confidence enormously which in turn makes you stand up for yourself in a better way. Horses have one language, and it’s positive. The horses will show you when you are not congruent with who you are, and what you want, they will just walk away. When you are congruent, they will mirror your every step. If you’ve ever heard, the horse never lies?

RECOVER FROM hard times:

There is a saying” when there is light, there always will be dark” similarly for there are the good times and there will be harsh conditions, this is called the cycle of life. Personal development cannot prevent the bad times from coming in your life, but it can certainly help in making you deal with them efficiently and move forward quickly. You will possess greater resilience to cope with any circumstances. When were working with horses, it’s all about “Focus Forward.”


With personal development, you become able to mold your relationships in a better manner. It helps to maintain a healthy balance in your relationships which will have a good impact on your personal space, and when building a relationship with a horse, you know you have it when the halter comes off, and they stay with you.

Many things in life are not measurable unless you start to develop yourself and horses can get you there with tremendous results.

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